Top 30 Tracks Of March 2021

March is in the history books and that means it's time to review the top 30 aural pleasures of the month. This was a strong month and quite a task to trim it to only 30. I'm sure there will be something for everyone across this list and maybe even your new favourite track/band/artist may... Continue Reading →

The Birthday Massacre

I wanted to post about The Birthday Massacre as they are fresh on my mind. I've just found out they released a new album last year and I didn't even know about it. Or maybe I forgot. Either way it pissed me off a little. When I first discovered this band I devoured everything they... Continue Reading →

Top 30 Tracks Of February 2021

As the year rolls on we'll continue on our musical journey to find the best tracks of each month. We've reached the end of February - the shortest month but certainly not short on quality. 30. GRiZ - Vibe Check (Vibe Check - Single) Cool dub reggae infused electronica from this US dance producer and... Continue Reading →

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