Gojira – Fortitude (2021)

Band - Gojira Line Up - Joe Duplantier (Vocals/Guitar) Christian Andreu (Guitar) Jean-Michel Labadie (Bass) Mario Duplantier (Drums) Producer - Joe Duplantier Release Date - 30th April 2021 Label - Roadrunner This is the seventh full length release from these French tech-metallers and truth be told, it’s the first time I have been looking forward... Continue Reading →

Run The Jewels – RTJ4 (2020)

Artist - Run The Jewels Killer Mike - Vocals El-P - Vocals/Production Producers - El-P/Little Shalimar/Wilder Zoby/Sitek/Boots/Nick Hook/Josh Homme/Sweeney Release Date - 3rd June 2020 Label - Jewel Runners/BMG One of my favourite albums of 2020, I’m still listening to this regularly almost a year later and it keeps getting better. After producing three albums... Continue Reading →

Top 10’s: Led Zeppelin

One of the giants of rock, the forefathers of heavy metal and one of the most consistently great bands across a ten year recording existence. Everyone knows a Zeppelin song, even if you don’t realise what you’re hearing is them. Still immensely popular to this day and constantly gathering new fans each and every year,... Continue Reading →

Top 10’s: Metallica

Alongside The Beatles, these guys are in the running for my favourite band ever. I’ve listened to everything they’ve ever released, bought albums and singles on multiple formats, watched vhs tapes/DVD’s of concert performances and documentaries and seen them live three times. To pick my ten favourite songs is a tall task but after much... Continue Reading →

Royal Blood – Typhoons (2021)

Artist - Royal Blood Mike Kerr - Vocals/Bass/Keyboards Ben Thatcher - Drums Producers - Royal Blood/Josh Homme/Paul Epworth Release Date - 30th April 2021 Label - Warner The highly anticipated third album from one of the UK’s most popular artists is finally here, nearly four years since the release of How Did We Get So... Continue Reading →

Top 10’s: Aerosmith

This is the first entry in my top 10’s posts. The title pretty much speaks for itself but just to outline - I’ll pick an artist/genre and review my ten favourite songs. As always everything is based on personal opinion. We start with the mighty Aerosmith. If you only know these guys as the band... Continue Reading →

Top 30 Tracks Of April 2021

Another month done and another excellent batch of tracks for your listening pleasure. Everything from metal to hip hop from drum ‘n’ bass to pop made it in this time giving us our most diverse list of the year so far. Let’s dive on in… 30. Otis Wongsam - Koala (Koala - Single) Debut single... Continue Reading →

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