BadNewsCruise – Quickies (oooeerr)

So, I haven't posted for a while because my life is currently undergoing some fairly fundamental changes.I've been listening to a lot of stuff (I listened to nothing but the Kaiser Chiefs for a whole month).Time is short. So lets go. Poppy - HerSo Poppy literally released a new single a few hours ago which... Continue Reading →

Top 10’s: AC/DC

The Scottish/Australian giants of rock have been one of the most consistent bands in all of music since the release of their debut single in 1974. It’s fair to say you know what you’re getting anytime they see fit to release new music. Still capable of putting out really strong records (check out last year’s... Continue Reading →

Top 75 Tracks Of 1966

It’s the continuation of my year by year best of lists and we arrive at 1966, an absolutely pivotal year in the evolution of music. 75. Johnny Rivers - Secret Agent Man Sounding very much like a knock off Bond theme, it is actually the theme music for a tv spy series of the time... Continue Reading →

Top 30 Tracks Of May 2021

May is over already which means another playlist of goodness is ready for your listening pleasure. Lots of different styles to get your ears round this month, some for making you move your feet, others to relax your mind but all are great in their own way. Let’s check it out - 30. Silk Sonic... Continue Reading →

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