BadNewsCruise – Quickies 2

More random bollocks 🙂

Poppy – Flux
New single from Poppy just dropped this morning.
I like it.

The Beta Band – Dry The Rain
High Fidelity is one of my favourite movies and the book is great too.
Like most things you should probably go read the book first but I did it the wrong way so meh.
The movie has a great soundtrack but this song is kind of just thrown in there as if the director really wanted to include it.
When I first listened to the full version I was kinda underwhelmed but it has grown on me.
It has a great progression.

Friendly Fires – Lovesick
OK so Facebook gave me one of those ‘On this day’ posts from years ago where I had quoted this song and it seemed kind of familiar but I had to google it and was a little pissed off as I had listened to the song a couple of days previously so should have remembered it.
Its a great song. A very danceable beat and bassline and an amazing chorus.

Oasis – Sunday Morning Call
So this song.
I’ve been listening to Oasis a lot recently (mostly their Time Flies collection) and this song was included as a secret track at the end of ‘Don’t Go Away’ apparently because Noel absolutely hates it.
I didn’t realise it was a single from ‘Standing on the shoulders of giants’ even though I’ve listened to that album before.
But anyway, this song kind of destroyed me.
It’s fucking beautiful. Noel’s voice is amazing and fits it perfectly and it all comes together.
I remember being in a pretty good mood before I listened to it but it’s one of those songs that has the ability to just rip you out of whatever you are feeling and leave you lost and introspective.
I pity anyone who doesn’t feel like putting their heart into the closing refrain, ‘Will it ever, ever, ever turn out right?’
I think we all feel like that sometimes.

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