2021 Album Reviews Round Up (Part Two)

Abra Cadabra - Product Of My Environment (2020) Debut mixtape from this London rapper and it’s quality is high enough that this would pass as a great debut album proper. It’s hard edged, containing elements of grime, trap and drill but with injections of melody and hooky choruses that keep things feeling fresh. One of... Continue Reading →

2021 Album Reviews Round Up (Part One)

On top of the tons of tracks I’ve been working through this year I’ve been trying to consume as many of the year’s full length releases as possible. Here’s my thoughts on the first selection - Headie One - Too Loyal For My Own Good (2021) Following up last year’s full length debut (EDNA (2020)),... Continue Reading →

BadNewsCruise – Quickies 3

Kisses Dickens - Axemen (Heavens to Betsy cover)I watched a movie called Izzy Gets The F*ck Across Town the other day. I really liked it and then about halfway through the movie Mackenzie Davis and Carrie Coon suddenly launch into a slightly countryfied acoustic version of this song and it just blew me away, just... Continue Reading →

Top 30 Tracks Of September 2021

We’re heading into the autumn months which equals cold, wet and dark times ahead (I’m talking weather, not the state of the world but it’s not too dissimilar!!). Luckily this month’s list is full of tunes to keep you smiling, give you a nice warm feeling and get your body moving. There’s songs to make... Continue Reading →

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