Poppy – “Eat”

"Aha! That Poppy." You say with a knowing smile. Hah, no. It's just Poppy. I'll admit to not listening to much of her earlier stuff but it didn't really appeal until "I Disagree". I literally listen to at least one song from that album if not more, every day (it's pretty good to work out... Continue Reading →

Luscious Jackson – Naked Eye

I watched lot of MTV in the mid 90's when it was still fairly experimental. I caught Naked Eye by chance one day and was instantly smitten. With its driven dancy beat and rhythm, half sung/rapped verses and soaring chorus, how could I not be? Unfortunately it wasn't played much as it wasn't liked by... Continue Reading →

Racecar – “Wonderment”

So I discovered "The Adventures Of Pete and Pete" the other day which is a really awesome show that aired in the mid 90's on Nickelodeon. If you haven't seen it already go check it out, it's all on Youtube. Seriously, I'll wait... Back already? Told you it was cool. You may also have noticed... Continue Reading →

Juliana Hatfield

Let me start by saying "I Got No Idols" and in a world filled with female singer-songwriters "Theres Always Another Girl". But I guess I've always kinda felt like Juliana Hatfield was "My Sister" and perhaps we both feel a little like an "Outsider".Obviously with a big back catalogue of music not every song is... Continue Reading →

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