BadNewsCruise – Quickies (oooeerr)

So, I haven’t posted for a while because my life is currently undergoing some fairly fundamental changes.
I’ve been listening to a lot of stuff (I listened to nothing but the Kaiser Chiefs for a whole month).
Time is short. So lets go.

Poppy – Her
So Poppy literally released a new single a few hours ago which I only saw because I opened Youtube to get a link for another song.
I like it. Its less metal than her latest stuff, its just like a nice normal song.

Poppy – NXT
This was an EP she released from her performances on an American wrestling programme.
Its OK. The only two tracks I really liked were ‘EAT’ which I already reviewed and ‘Fear Of Dying’ which is a cover version of a song from 2000 by a band called Jack Off Jill. Its pretty much an exact copy but I prefer Poppys voice and it just sounds a little harder.

LeAnn Rimes – But I Do Love You
This popped into my head earlier today and I listened to it again and it got me thinking about when people ask, ‘What is your favourite song?’ expecting an instant answer.
I HaVe HuNdReDs Of FaVoUrItE sOnGs!!!
Well maybe not hundreds but there are a lot of songs that I could honestly say have meaning for me or move me in some way that others don’t.
So I’m going to be really specific here.
This particular performance of this version of this song would definitely make it high on the list of my favourite songs. There, I committed okay? What more do you want. Sheesh.
There is absolutely no bullshit here. This is a performer at the top of her game. Its a semi intimate outside performance and she absolutely nails it effortlessly.
This is the best version of this song that I have heard. Its simple and I feel it and it works. I just love the way it all comes together, the way her voice breaks, the way it makes me want to sing along …

Medicine – Babydoll
The Crow (1994) is one of my favourite movies and the soundtrack was really good too with songs by The Cure, Nine Inch Nails, Stone Temple Pilots and Medicine who also performed their song (Time Baby III) in the film.
So I looked them up and they were ok but this song really stood out for me. Its a shoegazey pop song which seems to have elements of the scene from lots of bands like Lush and My Bloody Valentine. Its pretty cool.

Ok that’ll do for now.
Oh and Best Kaiser Chiefs album? Gotta be ‘Off With Their Heads’.

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